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Economic productivity and global competitiveness depend on thriving and reliable transportation infrastructure. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as the leading voice of America’s business community, believes that strong transportation infrastructure will lower operating costs, increase profitability, mitigate logistical challenges, and provide a catalyst for investment. It’s time to get America moving again.

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    the grade our transportation network receives from the American Society of Civil Engineers.Source

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    the amount of disposable income an American family loses per year from inadequate transportation infrastructureSource

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    of voters say the U.S. government should invest more in transportation infrastructureSource

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Americans Know Transportation Infrastructure Matters

Percent of voters who say transportation infrastructure is important to:

  • 87%

    The U.S. Economy

  • 86%

    My State's Economy

  • 89%

    The American Workforce

  • 74%

    My Daily Life

Voters Want More Federal Investments Across Transportation Infrastructure Systems...

Percent of voters who say the U.S. government should invest more in...

  • Transportation infrastructure as a whole

  • Roads

  • Bridges

  • Public Transportation

...And They Want Congress to Act NOW

Percent of voters who want Congress to move forward with an infrastructure package:

  • 64%

    All Voters

  • 67%


  • 66%


  • 60%


Bipartisan Majorities Say the Federal Government Should Take the Lead Role in Improving Transportation Infrastructure

Percent of voters who say the federal government should take the lead role by directing federal funds and providing incentives for private businesses:

  • All Voters

  • Republicans

  • Democrats

  • Independents

Stronger Transportation Infrastructure, Stronger Economy

Voters overwhelmingly agree investments in transportation infrastructure would...

  • 74%

    Create Jobs

  • 70%

    Help American Businesses